Monday, September 6, 2010

Tales From the Other Planet Sylvia

Hi, this is Sylvia. When I was a teenager, my brother Sidney gave me a series of 'Planet Sylvia' books by Nicole Hollander, the creator of  'Sylvia,' a famous, nationally syndicated comic strip that  was published in newspapers. What? You don't remember her? How old are you? She was hilarious, ironic, witty, sometimes crazy! I loved her. She was one of the first women I knew about who ranted, raged, rumbled, raved (actually, my mother was up there too, but for reeal, not in the comics. But, that's another story.) about all kinds of things (in print form)that bothered or simply got her attention. With a cigarette hanging from her mouth, worn down slippers, big glasses, plump, 50ish, she reminded me of a neighbor, Mrs. Markowitz, who used to yell out at her son Michael from her fourth floor window:"How many times do I have to remind you?" The whole neighborhood knew his business. Anyway, Sylvia's topics went everywhere: "You Can't Take it With You, So Eat it Now,' 'That Woman Must be on Drugs,''Sylvia on Sundays,' 'Cats Make Great Kids,' 'The Whole Enchilada,' and more.
Recently, I ran across my 'Sylvia' collection and felt inspired.


  1. Cats make perfect kids. All you have to do is put out some kitty litter, milk, and tuna, and they're good to go.

    You don't even have to send them to college. They'll never do drugs unless you spike their kibble with catnip, and they'll never wreck your car.

    On the other hand if you piss'em off you may get a surprise in your hat or shoes.

  2. Btw you might want to get rid of that letter code thing that your readers have to deal with before they can post a comment.

    Just go to the comments part of your dashboard, and click on the part that sez ya don't want the noise.

    Examine all the parts of your controls. Posts, comments, etc. It's easy. Also post some pictures. either from your camera or files.

    It's fun. You'll learn by doing.